Envelope Openers

Formax FD452

Why waste time opening mail by hand? Maximize productivity with the Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener.

The FD 452 is quick to set up and simple to use. Load mail, press start and that's it! The innovative cutting mechanism slits one side of the envelope so the contents are left undamaged, with no messy paper scraps to clean up. Users can then safely extract envelope contents without the risk of sharp edges.

Using the FD 452, you can open a variety of envelope sizes at once, from #10 to flats, without pre-sorting. A unique Push Arm provides constant pressure to feed envelopes quickly and accurately. With a speed of up to 300 envelopes per minute and a catch tray capacity of up to 80 #10 envelopes, your mail will be ready in no time. The resettable LCD counter easily tracks processed mail pieces.

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Martin Yale 1624 Handheld Letter Opener

The Martin Yale® 1624 is a lightweight hand-held machine that opens an envelope in just seconds. Premium features include instant power when envelopes are inserted to conserve batteries, guarded blades to prevent accidental injury and ergonomic design for hand comfort.

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Martin Yale 1616 Electric Letter Opener

The Martin Yale® 1616 is the perfect letter opener for small to mid-size businesses with a lighter mail flow.

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Martin Yale 1632 Automatic Letter Opener

A truly innovative machine, the 1632 does a continual feed of up to a 1 3/4" tall stack of envelopes placed in the feed tray. It's perfect for small to mid-size businesses, this unit is sure to be well appreciated.

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Martin Yale 1648 Chadless Automatic Letter Opener

The Martin Yale 1648 is ideal for large businesses and mailrooms.

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Martin Yale 62001 High Speed Letter Opener

The perfect application for large businesses and mailrooms, where many envelope sizes and types occur and high speed opening is required.  

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Omation Mini Mill Letter Opener

The OMATION Mini Mill™ is a compact, automated milling envelope opener, for low volume mail needs. Using milling technology, the MINI shaves tiny chips from the edge of the envelope instead of slicing it to protect mail contents. It also helps prevent painful paper cuts by producing a soft feathered edge. The MINI MILL is so affordable that no business or department should be without one.

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Omation 2100 High Speed Letter Opener

The OMATION Model 2100 Envelopener is a compact table-top unit designed for mailrooms and offices with volumes from 200 envelopes to a couple of trays of mail per day. It offers the same quality, accuracy, and advanced technology as the larger, high speed OMATION Envelopeners.

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Omation 206 High Speed Letter Opener

The OMATION Model 206 Envelopener is state of the art in accuracy, speed, flexibility, reliability...and economy. Handling multiple trays of mail in a wide variety of mixed envelope sizes and thicknesses, it completely and effortlessly opens all envelopes at processing speeds of up to 40,000 per hour.

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