Shipping & Inbound Tracking


Tracking packages has never been easier. Never lose a package again. QTrak allows you to monitor package status from the moment they enter your facility until they reach their intended recipient.

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OnShip is a fully featured, multi-carrier and LTL shipping software solution that reimagines package and freight shipping. Manage and ship orders from multiple locations while effortlessly accessing reporting and accounting features

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Desktop shipping is essential for organizations that rely on quick delivery of critical items, including financial documents, evaluation products, lab samples and dealer/distributor material. Unfortunately commercial fulfillment systems aren't equipped to deal with the small but steady flow of shipments from hundreds – even thousands – of individual users. Worse yet, carrier-supplied solutions trap users in a single-source environment with zero control and little opportunity for savings. AgileOffice solves this problem with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that extends throughout the enterprise to deliver money saving options from hundreds of domestic and international carriers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS and TNT. It also scales to support satellite offices and third parties, including those which rely on local couriers and internal services to keep packages moving. Designed to operate without a scale or label printer, AgileOffice provides 'shipment request form' functionality to handle individual packages and automatically consolidated pouch mail shipments. A quick-to-configure rules engine and complete management dashboard work to ensure shipments always arrive on time and budget.


  • Integrates with existing directory server, address book or CRM applications
  • Provides complete shipping capabilities to any number of users, groups and mailrooms
  • Extends to support satellite offices and independent parties, including vendors
  • Handles individual packages and automatically consolidated pouch mail shipments
  • Provides real-time, rules-based, multi-carrier rating, routing and manifesting
  • Supports 'shipment request form' execution for users without scales and label printers
  • Includes management dashboard to assess carrier performance and monitor spending

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Krengel Ship for UPS

Krengel Ship for UPS provides a way for your business to communicate real-time with United Parcel Service (UPS) API's to gain access to vital shipping information. This access is attained using RPG on the IBM i and requires NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE OR SERVERS! Krengel Ship for UPS leverages 7 of the most common web services UPS makes available to its customers today.

Krengel Ship for UPS provides two core business benefits for companies running on IBM i servers:

  1. A simplistic user interface for non-programmers to use that enables communication with UPS web services. This is available for use immediately after installation of the toolset (no programming necessary).
  2. A flexible and easy to use RPG-based API that programmers can utilize to do seamless integration into their existing applications.

What UPS web services are included?

Utilize address validation to validate an address is correct before attempting to deliver a package to it. This service allows you to enter just parts of an address and have matching address data returned. The toolset returns up to 10 valid city/state/postal code combinations and assigns a rank and quality value to each.

Utilize street-level address validation to check addresses at the street level against the United States Postal Service® (USPS) and UPS databases to determine valid addresses in the United States and Puerto Rico. If an address is not valid according the USPS database, the API can provide a list of valid addresses corresponding to the intended address. This tool can also be used to classify the address as Residential or Commercial according to UPS' standards.

Use time in transit to compare speeds of various UPS shipping services. Simply enter a "from" and "to" address as well as a "pickup date" and "weight" to determine the number of days to deliver a package across various shipping service levels. This service is vital to ensuring delivery dates meet customer timelines.

Compare prices and select shipping services that best fit specific timelines and budgets. Use this in combination with Time in Transit to first obtain a list of services and then determine cost to ship by a specific service code. Rate requests return data such as total rate charge, delivery days, and specific delivery time.

Provide up-to-the-minute shipping reports revealing the current status of every package. This functionality is vital to customer service in order to accurately inform customers of current package destinations, anticipated delivery dates, and whether a package has successfully been delivered.

Prepare and schedule package shipments for delivery locally or internationally, manage returns, and cancel previously scheduled shipments.

The Pickup API also enables you to schedule the pickup of a previously processed package or new shipment, as well as cancel a previously scheduled pickup, request costs, or discover the status of all your scheduled pickups.

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SCLIntra™ Enterprise - Campus Logistics Software

SCLIntra Enterprise uses mobile computers and barcodes to monitor and control the flow of tangible objects — mail, parcels, property, files or people — as they enter, move through, and exit a facility. Designed for demanding, real-world applications, SCLIntra features intuitive user interfaces, rugged hand-held data collection devices, intelligent routing and sorting logic , text and email notification, signature capture and in-depth reporting. It allows any user to track any object, and monitor distribution, anywhere within your campus; yet it's flexible enough to adapt to the way your operation already works.


Receive up to 1200 items per hour. Just scan carrier barcodes and automatically verify delivery counts.


Point and click to match each item with a recipient in the database. SCLIntra addresses, routes, and prints labels for efficient delivery. If desired, create barcode labels to make anything traceable.


Send your team on its way with signature capture mobile devices. Intelligent routing puts the right packages on the right mobile device for each courier.


SCLIntra can automatically email or text notification to each recipient, eliminating unnecessary calls and inquiries. You decide when and if these are sent.


Choose from dozens of desktop delivery options – signature capture, location scan, bulk deliver, alternate recipient, ID Badge scan, parent-child delivery and many more. Combine options to match your accountability needs.


Create pickup requests from the desktop. Double productivity by delivering and picking up items in the same sweep. Close the tracking loop by connecting SCLIntra to your shipping system.

Powerful Mobile Application

Mobile computing application & architecture same as workstation PC
Security - Your data is safe on the SD card no matter what happens to the handheld
Easy to install, configure and administer – just drop the SD card into any valid handheld and go to work
Microsoft ActiveSync enabled - no extra software needed to sync. Sync over wi-fi, cellular, or USB.

Delivering Accountability

SCLIntra is scalable. SCLIntra is affordable. And SCLIntra is the only fully-integrated system built to run internally on your corporate network or externally in the cloud that is capable of managing your entire logistics process. Regardless of whether you have a single facility or a corporate campus, SCLIntra is:


  • Full chain-of-custody detail from receiving through delivery – for any accountable item that moves
  • Scheduling and tracking of deliveries, moves, and pick-ups
  • Standard and customizable management and service-level performance reports
  • Eliminate shrinkage and loss in the delivery chain
  • Outbound control – coordinate outbound shipments with mail stop pick-ups; even connect with your shipping system
  • High-speed barcode accuracy
  • Improved visibility to internal customers


  • Track Interoffice Mail
  • Initiate desktop shipping requests
  • Save with pouch mail to remote offices
  • Tie to shipper and ERP APIs to extend functionality and visibility


  • Language Selection based on Windows user login
  • 20 Variable User-Configurable Fields: Adding purchase order, RMA, serial and asset numbers is a snap
  • Custom screen layout & label designer
  • Myriad acquisition and deployment models – subscription, lease or perpetual license, on-premise, hosted, virtualized, single and multi-tenancy Cloud hosting


  • Localization support
  • Centralized application management
  • Microsoft ClickOnce™ deployment
  • Status driven process management
  • One click reporting through stored group searches
  • Integrates into your existing workflow
  • Automatic, logical courier routing based on your workflow
  • Uncomplicated screens and navigation
  • Self-service recipient delivery search through your corporate browser

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