Output Management Solutions


DocuTransfer Lite provides complete print-to-mail functionality by obtaining USPS postage discounts (through Postal Workshare Automation) and applying intelligent inserter control marks to printed documents.

Standard features include:

  • Address data correction (USPS CASS), postal pre-sorting (USPS PAVE), and move update processing (USPS NCOA).
  • Ability to import standardized PDF or tab delimited file, cleanse address data, pre-sort individual documents by zipcode, apply inserter control marks, and output documents to printer in sequence.
  • Folder “watch” automated processing – or “monitoring” a folder for a specific file type and automatically processing a file that appears in a given folder.
  • Administrator-definable print options.

When DocuTransfer Lite is utilized in conjunction with Objectif Lune’s Print Shop Mail, businesses gain the ability to:

  • Define variable data document templates
  • Add variable elements from a delimited file to a template or existing PDF documents
  • Send the optimized output to a printer or render a PDF. Variable elements may include conditional graphical objects such as logos or signatures.
  • Utilize an intuitive drag-and-drop document design interface
DocuTransfer Pro seamlessly integrates with Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress Production or PlanetPress Office to provide:
  • Drag and drop “plug-in” based workflow components and templates required to:
    • Effortlessly implement address data correction
    • Facilitate postal presorting
    • Processes move update records against the USPS NCOA database to obtain USPS Postal Workshare Automation postage discounts
    • Add intelligent inserter marks to control inserter (ex: grouping, integrity, jog, selective inserting)
    • Merging/appending XML files
    • Batching (by tray count or physical page count) to support multiple printers, optimal inserter throughput, and maximum print center flexibility
  • A print operator’s interface with definable print actions (based on file extension), full logging, and print event archiving
  • Automatic submission of PDF/index document files to a document management system
  • Electronic reading of documents entering the mailstream, address correction, and NIXIE (undeliverable as addressed) information from the USPS
  • Ability to read documents from and write documents to a MS SQL Server database

DocuTransfer eCertify is an additional option for DocuTransfer Lite and DocuTransfer Pro which provides the workflow functionality required to send USPS e-certified documents with “proof of mailing” or “signature required” functionality. Mailing results are electronically retrieved from USPS PostalOne web services and may be stored on either a local MS SQL server or a cloud-based portal on the Internet (DocuArchive).

DocuArchive is another additional option for DocuTransfer Pro which provides the following “as-printed” document archiving functionality:

  • Storage of as-printed PDF’s to a local SQL server or cloud repository on the Internet
  • Browser-based ability to search, view, and print documents (from document index values defined in the workflow)
  • Multiple levels of user security
  • Ability to email links to documents (stored on the Internet) and track how many times documents are opened

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Global Print Solution

Global Print Solution (GPS) is an output data management software that performs automated formatting of your existing print file. We specialize in producing customized solutions that work with your existing print files to reduce overall expenses and increase office staff productivity.

GPS uses proprietary software to produce business documents to help automate your outbound statements, invoices, checks, and other account sensitive information.

Group and Print with OMR Demo
CASS/Pave for Postal Automation Demo
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Satori Data Quality & Color Management Solutions

Satori – Bulkmailer 5

Make your mailing operation much more productive with Bulk Mailer — prepare USPS® compliant mailings faster and more easily. Achieve increased mail deliverability and the lowest postage rates all while avoiding the aggravation of deciphering complex postal regulations. This next generation of the Bulk Mailer series sports a sophisticated new interface and the option to upgrade to a Microsoft® SQL Server database for faster performance with the largest address data files.

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FlexMail is a modular system developed to meet the demanding requirements of Direct Mailers using any type of database or printer. FlexMail lets you quickly connect to your data, design any mailpiece, merge/purge and de-duplicate files, make any necessary changes to a mailing list, clean and validate the addresses, and sort mailings to meet postal requirements.

There is no need for specialized personnel to design and/or operate the software. FlexMail is easy to use because of its intuitive user interface incorporating floating menus, toolbars, tooltips, context sensitive help, and wizards that take users through more complex tasks. Because of its close similarity to the Microsoft Office user interface, it is very easy to understand FlexMail’s user interface and operation.

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mColor was created to bring professional grade color printing to the Mach 5. In a nutshell, it's an advanced color management and job workflow tool that is simple to use. It includes spot color adjustment which allows you to painlessly match existing logo colors. You can be anywhere on the network to submit, manage, and preview jobs.
mColor processes artwork through a Harlequin RIP (Raster Image Processing). The RIP takes files and converts them into printing data with more accurate color output using embedded ICC profiles expertly created for the Mach 5 printer. The built-in ICC color profiles created by color experts insure the best possible output on a wide variety of papers. mColor lets you print out a swatch sheet on your media and pick the desired output. Fast and easy!
Global color adjustment allows the operator to make quick last minute adjustments, or when adjusting spot colors are not the right solution. This comes in handy when using photographs, for example.

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